Thursday, October 2, 2008


As I watch a leaf leave the safety of its branch no longer bright green but now a beautiful warm golden color it tells me a new season is beginning. There is a chill in the morning and evening air yet still a warmth from the autumn sun that is different than the wonderful warmth of the summer sun.

This makes me reflect on what a wonderful summer season I enjoyed. My first summer adventure was a most wonderful vacation with Tim and his wonderful family. We took off from Denver and flew to Orlando, Florida for 7 activity filled days at DisneyWorld. We had cozy family time in the mornings and evenings in our beautiful condo...but during the day??? OH my what we did and what we saw new things at every turn.I loved sharing a room with Amaya and Jaci and listening to their soft contented breathing as they slept after spending a full day at a new adventure park. They are such little troopers...and I really loved when Jaci fell out of bed and she found her way into my bed and snuggled down to finish her dreams.

We took one day off from the parks and found our way to the beach...and Cocoa Beach toboot....amazing and the water was so clean and warm. Troy especially loved the sand hole his sisters and mom made for him to enjoy the water and sand in. Stepping into the Atlantic Ocean...definetly on the bucket list for me.

Thanks Tim,Abby,Amay, Jaci,Troy for inviting me along and making such sweet ever lasting memories. I find myself thinking back on that time when things are a little stressful and I find myself smiling. Let's do it again sometime ok?

My next adventure was taking time to go to California and visit with my mom who was having some pretty serious health issues for time...but like always she is like the energizer bunny and popped right back to her old self. Shannon and her kids went with me and we hooked up with Carolyn and her kids at Carpenteria a couple of time for fun in the sun and sand. The challenge of finding the most perfect and different seashell and to see who could outrun the waves the fastest. Making sand castles and taking pictures....making more sweet memories...and putting my feet in the Pacific Ocean ....two oceans in less than three weeks....not bad for an old grammie.

I love summer.....and I got to spend many days by and in the pool with Shannons kids and Abby's kids and bonus...Ricks kids. What fun we had when Brady came to live with us for a couple of months. He was voted the bestest Uncle because he would nearly drown all the kids with his antics in the pool...but they kept coming back for more...he has quite the following of neices and nephews and their friends too. They were all very sad when he left. Some didn't realize he was really leaving the state until after the fact. What a surprise they had.

I got to take Jacob to New York with me for a few days. And those few days were very exciting. We had a 4hour delay to our flight out of Denver so we took a nap at the airport in those cozy seats they have there. Finally our plane arrived and we were off. It was a red we slept on the plane as well as we could in middle seats....hey it was free...we don't complain. Finally after changing planes in Boston we were off to Buffalo. We were both so glad to see Greg and the kids waiting for us...and we were off for a wonderful time at Niagra Falls on the Canadian side. The Maids of the Mist is such a great adventure and we all loved the feeling of the power of those falls as the boat headed into the great horse shoe of water. Much to see and do and we did it.

The next day we had a fun lunch and then we were off to the Sacred Grove and the Cumorah Pageant. It was a beautiful day and the Sacred Grove was so green and lush...Jacob didn't know where to aim his camera many beautiful things to capture. He especially enjoyed walking around the Temple grounds and taking pictures of the beautiful Temple and flowers all around there.

The Pageant was amazing as always...we met up with an old Cali friend Sammy Lee and his sweet wife...we grabbed some chicken and the famous salt have to have them when you go to pageant and then it was time for the performance. Jacob's facial expressions were priceless as it played on...but when the Savior descended...the look of wonder and awe was written all over his cute face. Ahhhh the making of summer memories.

We went home from NY with tons of playing in the pool for hours and just being with cousins and aunts and uncles....I am sure Jake will always remember our trip...and maybe having to take so many different routes to get home will be one of them. On the way home we left for the Buffalo airport but had to have Greg come back and get us as the flight was over sold because of a cancelation. So the next day we were off again...this time we left Buffalo to Maryland...then to Indianapolis finally to Denver. We were both so glad to be home...but in four days we did alot and saw alot and landed in a lot of places.

The pools are all covered now and the trees are all changing to beautiful deep hues of yellow/gold/red and the promise of an Indian Summer is in the air. I find myself getting excited for the fall. The wonderful comfort foods associated with this time of year. The wonderful fragrance of an apple pie baking and the excitement of the holiday season approaching. Halloween will soon be here and then the plans for our Thanksgiving feast will be in the making.

I have been really doesn't matter what season it long as you have your loved ones to share good times and make fun everlasting memories with. If you have that...then you have a good life.

I have a good life.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Did It!!!!

Well on the 20th of April I hit my 10years with Alaska Airlines!!!! Who would have thought??? But here I am...and I still love what I do. I recieved my 10year pin with a real diamond on it yesterday from my manager with a round of applause from my friends at work.

So here is to another 10 and another diamond!!!!!!